Using the API

Start working with our eSIM API.

Getting Started

To get started using the API:

  1. Agree to the User Agreement

  2. Fund your account and purchase an eSIM

Sandbox Environment

After login, you will be in the sandbox testing area, with test credit and eSIMs. With in the sandbox account you can:

  1. Make a deposit of funds

    1. Navigate to Billing > Make External Deposit

  2. Make a eSIM purchase

    1. Go to Products and choose one of the available choices

    2. Go to Purchases and review purchase history

  3. Generate your API Key

  4. Make API calls

Calling the sandbox API is done with the follwing endpoint:

Additionally, you can interact with the Swagger API docs in sandbox with your API Key. Click the Authorize button and enter your API key to work with the API within the Swagger doc.

Live Environment

Once satisfied with your process, you can switch to the live environment. You can use the same API or roll a new one. The API key is the same for both Sandbox and Live enviroments.

In the live environment use the following endpoint:

You can interact with the Swagger API docs in live mode with your API Key.

Run In Postman

Postman is a great way to work with our API and you can import our collection into your project.

eSIM Payload

Purchasing an eSIM is possible once you have a positive account balance. When requesting the eSIM, your balance is deducted according to your current monthy tier.

API Delivery

When purchasing via API, you will receive a JSON eSIM payload. This provides both the manual entry data as well as the QR code for adding an eSIM.

  "purchase": {
    "purchaseId": "07045e84-a075-49f9-8eeb-f2f537d1f8eb",
    "planSlug": "tourist-sim-dtac",
    "retail": "299.00",
    "paid": "284.65",
    "currency": "THB",
    "purchasedAt": "2020-02-06T08:54:06.047Z",
    "esim": {
      "manual1": "",
      "manual2": "hidden",
      "optionalCode": "",
      "phone": "0800773477",
      "serial": "8782979238792973",
      "expiryDate": "2020-02-06T08:18:20.022Z",
      "qrCodeString": "LPA:1$$SEW7JEBMFGPRVSPD",
      "qrCodeDataUrl": "..."
  "availableBalance": "15000"




String for manual entry of SM-DP+ Address


Sring for Activation Code


Confirmation Code. Used with some eSIM providers


eSIM phone number


eSIM Serial number


eSIM expiry date


QR code payload string. Populate your custome QR code with this data.


QR code PNG imag

Plan by Slug


Fetch plan details with slug

Path Parameters




Sample value:sim2fly-asia

  "id": 0,
  "slug": "sim2fly-asia",
  "name": "SIM2Fly Asia",
  "period": 8,
  "capacity": 6000,
  "capacityUnit": "MB",
  "retailPrice": "399.00",
  "priceCurrency": "THB",
  "prepaidCredit": 0,
  "prepaidCurrency": "THB",
  "reloadable": true,
  "phoneNumber": true,
  "active": true,
  "operator": {
    "slug": "ais",
    "name": "AIS"
  "region": {
    "slug": "asia",
    "name": "Asia"
  "countries": [
      "countryCode": "AU",
      "countryName": "Australia"

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