Using the Web App

Purchasing eSIMs with is an eSIM API platform and management backend. Currently proving eSIMs from 2 carriers: AIS and DTAC.

Getting Started

To get started:

  1. Make a test deposit - under Billing > Make External Deposit

  2. Make a test purchase in the Sandbox area - under Products

  3. Switch to live mode

  4. Agree to the User Agreement and complete Identity Verification

  5. Fund your account and purchase an eSIM

Sandbox Environment

After login, you will be in the sandbox testing area, with test credit and eSIMs. With in the sandbox account you can:

  1. Make a deposit of test funds

    1. Navigate to Billing > Make External Deposit

  2. Make a test eSIM purchase

    1. Go to Products and choose one of the available choices

    2. Go to Purchases and review purchase history

Live Environment

Once satisfied with your process, you can switch to the live environment. You can use the same API key or roll a new one. The API key is the same for both Sandbox and Live environments, but the base URL has a different sandbox and live subdomain.

eSIM Delivery

Purchasing an eSIM is possible once you have a positive account balance. When requesting the eSIM, your balance is deducted according to your current monthly tier.

Web app delivery

When purchasing via the dashboard, you will receive the QR code and additional metadata. QR code can be delivered to a customer as is, or recreated as a new QR code.

Provided is the connection string data, serial number and any additional data like phone or connection code. Manual entry codes also provided.

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